Medical Necessity

Members and/or consumers who have not paid their bill by the due date, will be notified of their past due status, to include their rights and remedies to dispute the bill, and the customer service phone number. For members/consumers having given Forked Deer Electric permission to use electronic or phone notification, the notification will be by phone, text message or email. For members/consumers who have not given permission for phone or electronic notification, the notification will be by U.S. Mail or door hanger when necessary. The Member and/or consumer will have 8 (eight) calendar days past the due date in order to pay their bill or make arrangements. If no payment or arrangement has been made within the 8 days, they will be subject to disconnection of service.

Upon approval of Forked Deer Electric Cooperative’s medical necessity form, disconnection of service will be postponed for 20 days from the original scheduled disconnection date to allow customer time to make payment or alternative shelter arrangements. The Medical Necessity Form must be completed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner licensed to practice in the state of Tennessee certifying that the disconnection of electric service would create a life threatening, medical situation for the customer or other permanent resident of the household. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the form has been approved by Forked Deer Electric Cooperative. A life-threatening medical condition does not relieve the customer of the obligation to pay for electric service, including any late fees incurred or other applicable charges. This postponement will only be granted 3(three) times in a 12-month period. If full payment of the past due amount, including all late fees, is not received by the end of the 20-day postponement period, electric service will be disconnected without further notice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.




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