Let Forked Deer Electric Cooperative help safeguard your home from exterior electric damage. One of our certified electricians can install a HomeGuard Defender between your electric meter and the meter base. The meter base surge protector is designed to stop potentially damaging external high-voltage spikes and surges before they enter your home. They have been tested under the most rigorous conditions, even exposed to currents comparable to a direct lighting strike of 65,000 amps. The surge protectors are equipped with a diagnostic monitor which has an audible alarm to indicate when the device has operated; and while nothing is fool-proof, in most cases, the HomeGuard Defender will protect your stove; dishwasher; clothes washer and dryer; and your HVAC unit.

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Additional program details and requirements:

  • Three year contract commitment required
  • $40.00 installation fee
  • Additional $5.00 per month added to bill
  • Any claims filed directly with HomeGuard Defender by calling (800) 877-1174 ext 324
  • System warranty covers large appliances such as ranges/stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, and HVAC units
  • System warranty does not cover well pumps; water heaters; satellite dishes; hot tubs; home security systems; door bells/chimes; televisions; computers; microwaves; telephones; or sprinkler systems