Forked Deer Electric Cooperative will no longer be an electrical permit issuing agent for the State of Tennessee effective January 24, 2020.

For more information on how to obtain an electric permit, please visit the State of Tennessee website.

Members and/or consumers who have not paid their bill by the due date, will be notified of their past due status, to include their rights and remedies to dispute the bill, and the customer service phone number. For members/consumers having given Forked Deer Electric permission to use electronic or phone notification, the notification will be by phone, text message or email. For members/consumers who have not given permission for phone or electronic notification, the notification will be by U.S. Mail or door hanger when necessary. The Member and/or consumer will have 8 (eight) calendar days past the due date in order to pay their bill or make arrangements. If no payment or arrangement has been made within the 8 days, they will be subject to disconnection of service.

Upon approval of Forked Deer Electric Cooperative’s medical necessity form, disconnection of service will be postponed for 20 days from the original scheduled disconnection date to allow customer time to make payment or alternative shelter arrangements. The Medical Necessity Form must be completed by a medical doctor or nurse practitioner licensed to practice in the state of Tennessee certifying that the disconnection of electric service would create a life threatening, medical situation for the customer or other permanent resident of the household. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the form has been approved by Forked Deer Electric Cooperative. A life-threatening medical condition does not relieve the customer of the obligation to pay for electric service, including any late fees incurred or other applicable charges. This postponement will only be granted 3(three) times in a 12-month period. If full payment of the past due amount, including all late fees, is not received by the end of the 20-day postponement period, electric service will be disconnected without further notice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.

Forked Deer Electric Cooperative has partnered with the TVA to give homeowners a rebate on the purchase of a new hot water heater for their homes. The rebate will be provided in the form of a $100.00 credit on the customer's Forked Deer Electric Cooperative bill. In order to qualify for the rebate, the following requirements must be met:

  • The rebate is available for existing homes only. New constructions are not eligible.
  • The rebate is available for residential customers only. Commercial accounts are not eligible.
  • The new water heater must be at least 30 gallons in size. Tankless water heaters are not eligible.

To receive the rebate, the following information must be provided to Forked Deer Electric Cooperative:

  • A copy of the receipt for the water heater
  • The model number of the water heater
  • The Energy Factor information of the water heater
  • The customer's name, address, phone number and Forked Deer Electric Cooperative account number

Customers can submit rebate information online, or download a printable form and mail/deliver it to the Forked Deer Electric Cooperative offices.

The TVA offers information on the different types of water heaters, as well as tips for purchasing a new one, on their website.

Effective January 15th, 2013

For any individual or business wishing to acquire electric service for irrigation, prior approval from the Forked Deer Electric Department Engineering Department is required. In order to process your application, the following requirments must be met:

  1. Customer (or installer representing the customer) will fill out a Request for Irrigation Service form.
  2. Customer (or installer representing the customer) will meet with a Forked Deer Electric Cooperative representative at the proposed irrigation site with a copy of the completed form.
  3. Forked Deer Electric Cooperative representative will gather all field data necessary for Engineering Department.
  4. Engineering Department will perform an analysis of the data to determine approval.
  5. If approved, any "Aid to Construction" (ATC) costs are to be paid prior to Forked Deer Electric Department beginning the project.

Here are some guidelines to follow when completing your designs:

  • All wells 25 Horsepower or larger connected to single-phase primary shall have a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as their motor starting component.
  • All single-phase and three-phase are subject to Engineering approval.
  • If the service voltage at the point of delivery (not the wellhead) is deemed acceptable (114-126V on 120V scale or 456-504V on 480V scale) and the customer or installer requests the voltage to be raised, the customer/owner may be required to sign a waiver releasing Forked Deer Electric Cooperative of any liability associated with damage occuring as the result of overvoltage.
  • After approval, if the irrigation design load is increased, Forked Deer Electric Cooperative must be notified and the new load must be approved. Forked Deer Electric Cooperative will not be obligated to connect it to the system. Forked Deer Electric Cooperative will hold the customer/owner to the irrigation specs supplied on the form.