Forked Deer Electric Cooperative offers two types of services for residential customers. Our Standard BIlling Services, which most people are accustomed to, are billed monthly; while our Prepay Services offer a more flexible and easier to manage option. Prepay Services offer an excellent choice for renters, landlords and other frequent movers. Every day, around 8:00 AM, meters are read electronically. Customers are alerted via a text message how much energy was used the day prior and the credit balance on the account. If an account goes negative and is not paid by 1:00 PM, it is disconnected until payment has been made. Prepay Services also promote energy conservation, as daily usage habits can easily be monitored, giving consumers an opportunity to track the causes of higher utility bills.

Prepay Services differ from Standard Billing in a few different ways:

  • Available to residential customers only
  • Minimal deposit required for new service
  • Customer controls payments and amounts (allows for payments in smaller, more frequent increments)
  • No late fees
  • Does not require a bank account
  • Comparative usage (daily, monthly, etc.)

Please note, Prepay customers are required to maintain an active cellular or email account in order to receive daily updates and notifications. This expense is not included in the service and must be maintained at the customer's expense.

In order to establish electricity at your new home, or at an existing home in your name, you'll need to become a member of Forked Deer Electric Cooperative. Membership is quick, easy and inexpensive and gives you access to the wealth of benefits Forked Deer Electric Cooperative provides. Additionally, you'll need to decide which type of account you would like to have, standard or prepay, and apply for those services. Should you require more information regarding our Prepay Services and the differences between those and traditional billing, please find it here.

Otherwise, if you've decided Standard services are the best option, you'll need the following to establish services:

  • Name of Individual(s) or Business the Service will be Under
  • 911 Address of the Building
  • Daytime Phone Number
  • Type of Service (if new construction)
  • State Permit Fees (if new construction)
  • Yellow Copy of Septic Tank Application or Perc Test results (if new construction)
  • Aid to Construction (if new construction and deemed necessary)
  • Required Fees and Deposits (see schedule of fees below)

New constructions will be required to pass an inspection by the State of Tennessee. When you are ready for inspection, contact Forked Deer Electric Cooperative to schedule. The state inspector conducts inspections every Wednesday. Requests for inspection filed before close of business on Tuesday will likely receive an inspection the next day. If that day is full, the inspection will be scheduled for the following Wednesday.

Campers used as a residence, and any home that has been without electricity for 12 or more months will require an inspection prior to services being turned on.

Membership Requirements

In order to receive electricity from Forked Deer Electric Cooperative, you must become a member of the Cooperative. In order to gain membership, you must:

  • Intend to Establish Services
  • Pay Required Fees and Deposits
  • Complete a Membership Application
  • Provide a copy of a Valid Government Issued Identification
  • Present Your Social Security Card

Schedule of Fees

Standard Services Initial Deposit: $250.00

Prepay Services Initial Deposit: $25.00

Yard Light: $20.00

Large Yard Light: $40.00

Please note, services will not be supplied if applicant is indebted to Forked Deer Electric Cooperative until all debts have been paid.

Forked Deer Electric Cooperative strives to keep rates as low as possible. With the current rate structure with TVA, rates are slightly different based on the season. TVA also has a monthly fuel cost adjustment based on the cost of fuel, such as natural gas, used to generate electricity. Please see our current, as well as historic, rates listed in the related documents.